Performance Test Results

Testing Method and Results

We designed EarPeace to be the best ear plugs for concerts, nightclubs, and other environments where you want to hear clearly.  We also designed them to be highly effective at protecting your hearing.  There are several key features that enable EarPeace to deliver such high quality sound and still protect your hearing.

  • The attenuation filter (the plastic mechanism inside of the silicone ear plug) is engineered to allow a precise amount of unobstructed sound into the ear.  This delivers clear sound, just at a lower volume.  

  • EarPeace is made out of safe, strong, hypoallergenic silicone.  It’s also very soft.  This combination of soft and strong enables the silicone to fit snugly in nearly anyone’s ear and form a tight seal.

  • The patented ‘tab feature’ enables you to safely grasp the ear plug and insert it deep into the ear canal, AND, remove it easily and safely.  

The testing method is comprehensive and employs live subjects to test ear plug performance. EarPeace was tested at the Michael Associates lab using the most up-to-date testing protocol. These protocols are in accordance with EU standards and SAI Global does the final certification for the EarPeace. The CE Mark is a mandatory conformance mark for the EU and it proves EarPeace meets the EU consumer safety, heath, and environmental standards.

Depending on your model, there are three lines of information in the performance graphic: Means, STD DEV, and Means-SD. So what does this mean?

  • Means - The average of all results on actual people that go through testing while using EarPeace ear plugs. There is a result for each Hz level.  

  • STD DEV - This stands for 'standard deviation.' Because everyone in the test has different results, there is variation from the average. This normal, everyone has slightly different shaped ears. 

  • Means SD - The means or average minus the standard deviation. This is the amount of protection that most consumers can expect at each Hz level.