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930 Club


EarPeace was born from music, so that's where you'll find us — making the loudest venues on the planet more comfortable. We recognize that loud can be good, but we also want to keep the party going for a long, long time. You can find EarPeace custom earplugs at venues like the 9:30 Club in DC, the Bowery Presents venues in NYC, or Ushuaia in Ibiza. We're big fans of forward thinking venues that care about hearing health. It’s an easy merch choice to keep customers coming back and a statement they care about employee health. Learn More

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Custom branded EarPeace is one of the most valuable premiums a brand can offer. Whether part of a VIP package or a simple thank you to a high-value customer—EarPeace is an affordable way to create and reinforce positive brand associations that last. It’s also good karma. Heavyweight brands like Red Bull, Budweiser and Ford trust EarPeace for their flagship events. People clip EarPeace to their keychain and it stays there—delivering an ongoing message the company cares about their health and their good time. Learn More

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EarPeace was purpose built to be the go-to accessory for big concerts and multi-day music fests. Everyone needs it. We’ve also tested dozens of different ways to merchandise EarPeace before, during and after the event. EarPeace concert ear plugs are the perfect product to bundle with a ticket package and we work with festivals to manufacture only what is ordered—completely eliminating inventory risk. We also offer our festival partners a wide array of sales collateral for merch and other points of sale. We’ll even show up and help out. Learn More

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Music labels

Recording labels around the world have adopted EarPeace as their preferred merch and VIP gift item. Anjuna Beats, MINUS, OWSLA, Drumcode, Spinnin' Records and many more offer custom branded EarPeace. Labels are the dominant force in the music industry and offering merchandise that speaks to their culture is a must. EarPeace was at the forefront of making hearing protection cool and something that people actually want to wear. It’s an easy choice for labels that want to offer their fans something distinctive. Learn More

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Metallica Tour 2019


When we launched EarPeace our goal was to democratize the professional grade hearing protection that musicians have used for decades. Musicians ear plugs needs to deliver great sound, comfortably and discreetly. We knew that if we engineered something that an artist would wear, their fans would follow suit. It worked! Artists belting out tunes in small bars and DJS at the biggest electronic music festivals use EarPeace. From Metallica to DJ Hardwell, artists around the world offer their trusted hearing protection to their fans. Learn More

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