EarPeace is an active supporter of non-profit organizations focused on preventing hearing loss and tinnitus. Noise and music loud enough to cause hearing damage are an all too prevalent part of peoples lives. Elevated levels of noise over prolonged periods of time put anyone at risk for noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus.  Hearing loss can also have a devastating impact on youth development. For example, EarPeace is a proud sponsor of organizations like the American Tinnitus Association, a leader in the pursuit of treatments and cures for tinnitus.

EarPeace is especially focused on helping non-profit music programs for youth. Young people with hearing loss will find it much more difficult to master sophisticated aspects of communication, including vocabulary, grammar, word order, and idiomatic expressions. Communication disorders greatly affect education, employment, and overall well-being. EarPeace has a special interest in making sure that young people develop good habits around hearing health and continue to enjoy live music and activities like dancing for a lifetime.

Please apply for partnership today if you are a non-profit organization focused on preventing hearing loss or if your organization works with kids in marching bands, kids rock camps, or other music development programs for underprivileged youth.