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Custom Ear Plugs

Music artists, promotions managers, and venue owners are always looking for ways to improve their fan or customer experience, and, create a lasting brand impression.  EarPeace delivers.

Got an upcoming event where you want to aggressively promote your products? Seeing your name and your logo on memorabilia or on branded merchandise can remind your target market how awesome your products are.

But, maybe it’s time to veer away from using merchandise like mugs, key chains, and ball caps that have already been used for promotional purposes too many times over the years. EarPeace is the perfect promotional item for your brand, whether you’re launching a new product or hosting an event.

Go for something new, practical, and well suited for the occasion. Order EarPeace earplugs today!

Why EarPeace?  

EarPeace provides the best hearing protection at a reasonable price without diminishing the quality of the sounds that you want to listen to.

  • Turns down the volume without distorting the sound.  Background din is eliminated and immediate sound is crisp and clear.  You can even have a conversation while you wear EarPeace.
  • Provides protection and prevents audio fatigue. For instance, if you’re a professional musician, you may have already gotten used to the sound of crashing cymbals and high-decibel guitar riffs but, without musician ear plugs, you are at risk of hearing impairment. No more ringing ears!  People hear and feel better when they wear EarPeace.
  • Virtually invisible.  Most music fans and club patrons don’t want to have big orange plugs sticking out of their ears.  EarPeace is skin toned, and fits snugly in the ear for discreet protection. That’s the kind of style and protection that musicians and audiophiles alike prefer.
  • Comfortable and reusable.  These ear plugs are valuable.  They can be worn comfortably for long periods of time, again and again. They are perfect as DJ ear plugs, for example, and work much better than foam ear plugs. People want to wear EarPeace.

Why custom ear plugs from EarPeace?

Affordable memorabilia that fans will keep and use. EarPeace earplugs are practical and they can effectively get your message across. The sleek, stylish aluminum case stays on people’s key ring and delivers lasting brand exposure.

  • Stylish and useful.  A rare combination. Whether it’s a VIP promo or sale, once someone uses EarPeace they don’t want to be without it. When you promote your products using EarPeace, it’ll only be a matter of time before people start asking about your brand.
  • Generate media buzz and positively reinforce the brand.  Music events, nightlife and live entertainment are frequently loud enough to cause hearing damage.  Providing high quality hearing protection shows that you care about the aural health of your fans.
  • Generate incremental revenue streams.  As direct merchandise sales or as a promotional add on to a larger offer like a VIP box - EarPeace will help the bottom line.

Who is custom branded EarPeace for?

  • Merchandise managers for artists, brands (spirits, fashion, companies), venues, sports teams, etc.  EarPeace is memorabilia that your fans and customers will keep and use again and again.  They will carry your brand with them everywhere they go.
  • Promotions managers for brands in ticketing, spirits, fashion, industry and more.  Whether you are throwing a series of summer music parties or simply sending a delegation of VIPs to an event like SXSW, EarPeace is the perfect promotional gift.
  • Product / retail managers for live music venues, nightclubs, hotels, and other retail where custom branded hearing protection fits into the merchandise line up.
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